Boundless Miracles, LLC provides services to individuals of all ages with intellectual/developmental disabilities who qualify for the NC Innovations Waiver services without regard to age, race, color, creed or national origin.  These consumers are children, adolescents and adults in Catawba, Gaston, Lincoln and Cleveland Counties.

staceyThe NC Innovations waiver services are funded through Medicaid and the services that we provide include Community Living and Supports, Respite, Community Networking and Residential Supports for AFLs.

It is the belief of Boundless Miracles, LLC that all consumers should have every opportunity to experience life to the fullest and to receive services that impact their quality of life in a positive manner.  We believe that with proper support and positive reinforcement, the consumers we serve can maintain their placement in the community and live full, meaningful and purpose driven lives.

The Staff of Boundless Miracles, LLC will ensure that quality services are provided to every consumer by being involved with their person-centered planning.  Believing that we can make a difference in the lives of our consumers, we strive to offer a variety of services that will meet each consumer’s personal needs and to provide competent and professional staff to deliver those services.

Boundless Miracles, LLC utilizes a variety of service modalities in order to assist consumers in meeting their goals, thus achieving program goals.  Those modalities include provision of a social environment, scheduling social activities for consumers, having staff work one on one with consumers, having back-up staff for each consumer so that services are not interrupted, and monitoring service delivery on a monthly basis.

We have posted a great article by Jenny Wise

Families who have children on the autism spectrum may have a particularly tough time moving to a new home. There are specific challenges that families will have while house hunting and moving to keep in mind. The article describes features in the new home that can help your child thrive, as well as discuss ways to help your child feel comfortable with the move.

Jenny Wise

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